Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And She's A Mainer!

Awesome 14-Year-Old Delivers 25,000 Anti-Photoshop Signatures to Seventeen Magazine

The Last of the Sandinistas Tomás Borge Martínez, Sandinista Rebel and Nicaragua Interior Minister, Dies at 81 Mr. Borge, the last surviving founder of the Sandinista rebel group that toppled Nicaragua’s dictatorship in 1979, went from student radical to one of the leading officials of his nation’s government.


"Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer, and his wife Yuan Weijing, living under most vicious dictatorship of the Chinese communist regime, are ready to sacrifice their lives, their family, for thousands of victims in China. Ladies and Gentlemen, we believe in America; we believe that people in America uphold values of democracy, human rights and freedom. Today, a blind man and his wife in China are protecting such values with their lives. I also wanted to remind you, that those people who had helped Chen in this event are not dissidents or human rights activists as you usually describe them, they are middle class Chinese, who sold their cars, to buy video equipment, with special internet skill joining in the effort to save Mr. Chen Guangcheng. They hope to use this case to push China towards progress. This is the time for the US to display the American values (to China). If in this case (saving Chen Guangcheng), America does not show its principles and values, its real power, I think, the values of America will be shattered; and also the hope and expectation of thousands of middle class Chinese will be ruined." From: China Uncensored

This is a departure...

a personal revolution of sorts.